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Spellbrooktales publishes and promotes the work of

Marilyn and Barry Freeman

Marilyn and Barry have been married for thirty years and live in Bedford, Barry’s home town. They have both been writing fiction for some years.

Barry began writing forty years ago and has written several books for children. These include ‘Tich and Sootyfoot’, ‘Beyond the Goosebarley Bush’ and ‘Wisdom’s End’. His latest work is a compilation of his short stories about the adventures of Rusty Nail and her friends, entitled ‘Curious Tales of a Rusty Nail’, due for release on 10th March. Barry also illustrates his work.

email: barryjfreeman01@gmail.com

Marilyn has spent several years editing Barry’s books and creating and publishing them. She has also produced life story books for various clients. Recently she has written several novels, including Karma;A Mystery in Paris, and Secrets and Lives. Her latest book, also due to be realeased on 10th March, is a historical novel, ‘Coalbrookdale; The Story of the Bangham Family’, set in the Severn Gorge in the early 18th Century at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Marilyn also offers a proofreading service. If you have an article, blog, newsletter or a book that needs proofing,visit her Fiverr page for full details.

All Spellbrooktales books are created, edited and published by Marilyn.

email: inbox@marilynfreeman.org

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