Pen-a-Tale Book Creation

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Pen-a-Tale will capture your imagination!

    • Have you ever written a story?shutterstock_101441566
    • Or a collection of poems?
    • Or perhaps kept a diary?
    • Or written a memoir of a special time?
  • Perhaps you have a child who loves to write?

How wonderful would it be if your unique writing was made into a beautiful book that you could give to your family to keep forever and to pass on to future generations? Just imagine how amazing it would have been to hold in your hands a precious book written by your great-grandparent. Or perhaps you have a child in the family who loves to write stories? Why not turn their literary efforts into a delightful book they can keep forever?

Pen-a-Tale Book Creation

The package includes: up to 5,000 words plus up to six full-colour images (optional), edited, proof-read and formatted into a hardback book with dustcover. Book size is 18cm x 18cm. The books contain anything from 1000 to 5000 words depending on the type of book.  If you want to create a book which is mainly of photos, with a limited number of words, we offer, for the same price (£185.00) a package in which you can include up to 35 images and 1,000 words.  For details of the costs for additional photos or words, please see the full description by clicking on the link below.

It couldn’t be simpler! 

Simply send us a digital file of your manuscript in a Word document plus up to six image files (optional) in jpeg format. We will then create your book and send you a digital proof copy for your approval before printing. It’s that simple!  We have many years experience of self-publishing all kinds of books and we would love to help you make yours a reality. There’s no obligation to spend a fortune marketing your book. This book is just for you and the people you care about most; something they will treasure forever

Full details about the Book Creation package 

full details about the pen-a-tale photo book creation package

Marilyn Freeman

Please contact me on 07792 251737 or email me if you need more information. For full Terms and Conditions please follow the link below.                  

Marilyn Freeman

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