Genealogy Research

Have you ever wondered where you came from? I don’t mean where you were born, but where your roots are, who your ancestors were? We would be happy to answer some of those questions for you.

The Bromham ladies taking tea 1910

I have been researching family trees for the past twenty years. I have experience of using many online databases. My particular areas of expertise are using the databases in the United Kingdom, that is, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

We have three levels of service we can offer you

I would advise clients to begin with the starter package of one hour online research so that we can assess what information may be accessible on one particular person. We will need a name and date and place of birth of one person in order to begin the search. Price £12

Once this accessibility of information is confirmed, you can, if you wish, order the second level package, when we willcarry out up to four hours of research into three generations, starting from the known person. Price £80

If you are then interested in having more in depth work carried out, you can order the premium package which will take the research as far as is possible along the maternal and paternal side. This may only be to the early 19th Century but often very interesting events are uncovered along the way,
Any written records which we discover during our research work would be passed on to you, together with a family tree and a short written report.  Price £300

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Ypres 1917 Grandad Hackett (second left)