Wisdom’s End

Wisdom’s End is a fantasy adventure in which a wandering minstrel and his dog take us on a journey of discovery, at a time when most humans have abandoned the polluted surface of the earth for a life of servitude to the Robots in the underground Levels. Once again, it is the animals that show courage and wisdom which we come to believe will, in the end, save humanity.

The nodding mans cottage
Nodding man’s cottage

Among others characters we meet the King and Queen of Toppsy and the Nodding Man.  We also encounter Snake, Fox,  young Stanley the rabbit and their friends who bravely guide the Minstrel back from the depths of the earth to the ‘Edge’ pursued every step  of the way by the spiderbots.

Barry Freeman has created a cast of truly authentic characters both human and animal which spring from the pages to enthral, amuse and delight us. 

Wisdom’s End excerpt

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What I thought of ‘Wisdom’s End’ by Miranda (age 11)

 I really enjoyed Wisdom’s End. It was a good read and once it got going, I couldn’t put it down. I found the language easy to read, I can’t remember any words that I didn’t know.  I would say that the book was for a 10-12 age group but I think that people older than that would enjoy it as well.  My favourite part of the book was the part when Simon gets rescued from the prison by the snake and goes through the underground caves with all of the animals. I thought the story ‘flowed well’ in general but the only part that I found slow was at the start when the two old adults are at the house and then they run away. I found all of the book, the language and the plot perfectly easy to understand.  There are no pictures in the book but I think the book is great without pictures. I do think it would work either way. I thought that the book was a good length.  I enjoyed it a lot and I think other people will too.  I would be happy to recommend this book to a friend as an adventure story.

Miranda (Age 11)


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