Monty’s Boots

Monty’s Boots describes the adventures of a brave and resourceful garden spider that lives in an pair of grandad’s old army boots that hang on a nail inside Albert Spindler’s wash-house. Clive is leading a contented life often relaxing on the toecap in the sunshine streaming through the roof, enjoying reading his comics.

Albert at Sothebys
Albert arrives at Sotheby’s

However, life is about to change. Albert discovers the name Montgomery inside the boots and decides that they must have once belonged to the famous army general Montgomery. Of course he thinks that they must therefore be very valuable and determines to take them and the unsuspecting Clive to Sotheby’s Auction House in the hope of making his fortune. Thus begins Clive’s first adventure with lots more to follow.

Clive paints himself No2
Clive the painted spider

Being a bright little spider however, he manages to survive against all the odds. This is a story about how even the smallest and most insignificant creature can influence events.

A great lesson for children to learn, but this little book will also be enjoyed by kids from six to ninety six!

 Monty’s Boots excerpt

162 pps with lots of illustrations by Barry Freeman


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