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Karma: A Mystery in Paris

As I was writing Karma, in my imagination, I was strolling through the streets of Paris, surrounded by all the unique sights, smells and sounds of that exciting city. I had hoped to be able to convey to my readers all that my senses were experiencing in my imagination, and to make my story as real for them as it was for me.

When it was finished and I proudly received and read that first copy, it was exciting to see the words that had been born inside my head actually there on the page in front of me. I have been thrilled by the response from everyone who has read it and am able to feel fairly satisfied that I must have created a reasonable approximation to the world of my imagination.

I was saddened though, that several of the people I know were excluded from the experience because their inability, for various reasons, to be able read it. It was then that I began to explore the possibility of creating an audiobook. To my delight it turns out that this is easier and less expensive than one might think.

Using, within hours I had commissioned my audio producer, a lovely lady called Virginia Ferguson, whose narrating skills are excellent. She brings my characters to life and suddenly Karma is no longer only in my imagination. Furthermore, my work will now be accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to hear or see clearly.

In this extract, Adrienne, having just reached a dead end in her quest to discover what happened to her mother after she left home ten years ago, is distraught, until Paris works its magic and she begins to see exactly what she must do next.

The audiobook is still in production but I am so excited that soon it will be available online.

For any authors who would like to turn their work into an audiobook, I would say go for it and bring your story to life! It is easier than you think!

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