The nerves are kicking in!

I spent eight months or so during the past year of lockdown revisiting the Paris I knew on a school holiday in 1962 – the most exciting week of my life up to that point. I poured many precious memories of that wonderful city into the creation of Karma: A Mystery in Paris.

I’ve polished Karma to within an inch of its life, re-designed the cover until it’s the best I can make it. From the manuscript I’ve created an ebook on Amazon and also on Smashwords to reach the widest possible market worldwide. I’ve created the print book in paperback format on Ingramspark to make copies available across the world at the click of a mouse at most book retailers, including Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.

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I’ve now spent the last couple of months preparing to launch it onto a waiting world. To that end, I’ve read all the blogs and viewed all the videos I could find, explaining to the rookie self-publishing author how to create a ‘buzz’, as they put it, to give it the best chance of making an impression in this volatile and crowded market. I even succeeded in getting an article published on the Bedford Today website. Mind you, I had to gain some kudos by confessing my age and the number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren I have. Still, we all have to make sacrifices!

I’ve created my Author Page on Facebook, set up an Instagram account, I’ve sent out several group emails to spread the word, and I’ve given away copies of Karma to friends and family to gain valuable feedback, which I have to say has all, without exception, been pretty positive.

Having tested the strength of my friendships to the limit by pestering everyone for their support, I fear I must now take a deep breath and serenade myself with a rendition of Que Sera, which my children would testify has always been my mantra in time of stress!

However, I have to confess to a serious bout of self-doubt right now. What if the unthinkable happens and the book falls short of all the hype I have painstakenly created? What if pre-orders amount to virtually nil? What then? A re-write? The dustbin?

Well, I can do no more than await my fate. In a few short days I will have my answer. Wish me luck!

Marilyn Freeman, author of Karma: A Mystery in Paris

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