A Priceless Gift

A Written Legacy of Your Life is a Priceless Gift

A written legacy is not just a gift of words, but also a gift of the hours spent creating it. Not only can it reach across the miles to family and friends far away, but also across time, to the generations that follow. Whether it includes poems from the heart, stories from the memory or a philosophy of life, they will value those words as they learn about the person who wrote them and how their life was lived.

Why not begin today, to write your legacy? What greater gift could you leave your descendants than the benefit of your experience and the wisdom that comes from a life well lived? It is a priceless gift.

Imagine how wonderful it would be for this little chap if, years from now, he could hold in his hands a book written by his great grandfather; to be able to learn about his life, his philosophy and what kind of a man he was. What a truly precious legacy that would be.

When you have your stories, how best to preserve them? Digital storage is constantly evolving. Who still remembers the floppy disk? Surely, the best way to keep a permanent record is to turn your writings into a book. At Spellbrooktales we will be happy to create for you a permanent record in the form of a wonderful book that you can be proud of and your family can treasure forever and pass on to future generations.

Follow the link to our free guide: Creating a Written Legacy of Your Life

Author: Spellbrooktales

We publish books for personal distribution, such as memoirs, legacy writing, poetry collections, short stories.

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