From Field To Furnace

The Story of One Family’s Journey into the Industrial Revolution

In the heart of 18th-century Shropshire, a profound metamorphosis sweeps through the lives of the Bangham family, capturing the essence of an era marked by radical change. “From Field to Furnace” is a compelling historical novel that delves into the lives of ordinary people navigating the tumultuous waters of the Industrial Revolution, a pivotal period that reshaped society and human existence.

As the world witnesses the advent of technological marvels, like the revolutionary use of coal in iron production, the Bangham family becomes the embodiment of an epoch in transition. The story unfurls against the backdrop of an agrarian society on the cusp of transformation into an industrial powerhouse, exploring the intricate shifts in work, family dynamics, and societal norms.

This novel immerses readers in the lives of the Bangham family, offering a personal lens through which to witness the grand tapestry of history. We follow their journey from the tranquil enclaves of Bangham’s Wood to the bustling industrial settlements of the Severn Gorge, where the relentless demands of the Darby ironworks reshape their existence. The central question of whether Joseph Bangham and his kin foresaw the profound impact they would have on the world through their toil at the furnace underscores the magnitude of the Industrial Revolution. It prompts reflection on the consequences of technological advancement and the enduring uncertainty it brings.

Spanning the years from 1713 to 1766, “From Field to Furnace” invites readers to intimately engage with the complexities of the Bangham family’s joys and sorrows, grounding the historical context in relatable emotions. The Severn Gorge, renowned as the ‘cradle of the Industrial Revolution,’ vividly comes to life, painting a rich backdrop of the period’s environment and atmosphere.

The narrative acquires moral and ethical dimensions as it explores 18th-century England’s often brutal justice system. The Bangham family’s encounters with the law offer glimpses into the harrowing world of prisoner transportation to America and the desperate plight of its enslaved people, hinting at the nascent anti-slavery movement.

“From Field to Furnace” is a riveting and enlightening historical novel that not only imparts knowledge about a pivotal era but also touches upon timeless themes of human experience, progress, and its consequences. A tale equally engaging for history enthusiasts, family saga devotees, and those intrigued by the human facets of industrialization.

Ultimately, this thought-provoking novel strikes a harmonious balance between historical precision and captivating storytelling, inviting readers to contemplate the past while recognizing the enduring impact of the Industrial Revolution.

Release Date : 1st February 2024

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