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by Marilyn Freeman
Narrated by: Virginia Ferguson

Mystery and More!

Adrienne has made a decision that has haunted her for years.  She is going to try to find her missing mother!  However, before she can leave for Paris (the last place her mother had been headed), a gentleman visits her and claims to be her father …

This is not your typical mystery, it is a mystery that spans years and involves Nazis, conmen, police, and more.  This is an adventure filled with suspense and several twists.  The author, Marilyn Freeman engages the listeners by giving insight into Adrienne’s thoughts and feelings.  It was not all about adventure or suspense – it was about a young woman whose mother left her and while it was not touchy-feely – one did grasp somewhat how this young woman felt mentally and emotionally.

The characters, like the twists and plot, were well developed.  The dialog was realistic, and the story flowed smoothly.  Virginia Ferguson, the narrator, gave a solid performance with a consistent narration, distinct voices, and authentic-sounding accents.  Her voice was soothing, and she interjected the right amount of inflection.

This is a good book for anyone looking for a good mystery with twists and one that draws in the listener.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook, it was clear and well produced.

 Disclaimer: This Audiobook was provided free of charge by the author, narrator, and/or publisher in exchange for a non-bias, honest review.



The elegant Georgian city of Bath forms the backdrop to my latest novel Secrets and Lives.

A domestic thriller offering a gripping insight into the unintended consequences of one mother’s decision to give up her child.

Audiobook of Secrets and Lives
Narrated by Virginia Ferguson

When Joan made the decision in 1972 to have her illegitimate child adopted, she could have had no idea of the tragic consequences that would ensue decades later. The difficult life her son, John was to lead, would have an effect on his personality that not even the love and acceptance of his half sister, Sophie, living a comfortable life in Bath, could compensate for.Another page turner that will keep you guessing. Ideal for reading groups, including a handy discussion guide.

The audiobook is now available, narrated by Virginia Ferguson. Listen to a sample of Secrets and Lives here, or the complete book here (UK) or here (US).

The ebook and paperback editions of Secrets and Lives is available from all major online bookstores, including:

Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Gardners Smashwords and Kobo

Image by Jean-Philippe Fourier from Pixabay