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LOVE TIES: An Unbreakable Bond

Jack Long is enjoying a rare opportunity to spend an afternoon at the beach alone with his son, when tragedy strikes. Years of heartache follow, but Jack gradually rebuilds his life, eventually finding a measure of peace, until, one day a twelve-year-old boy literally cycles into his life and the nightmare begins again. This is a story of love and loss which reminds us all to treasure what we have as we never know when it may be taken from us in an instant. It is also a story of hope and the realisation that the ties of love form unbreakable bonds that can withstand the worst that life can throw at us. A moving story about a little boy and his dad, whose lives changed forever one sunny day at the beach.

LOVE TIES will be realeased on 9th December 2022, but the Kindle edition can be pre-ordered at the special discount price of 99p now on Amazon The paperback edition will also be availbable from most online stores from the 9th December.

COALBROOKDALE : The Bangham Family Story

Coalbrookdale is a work of fiction based on the life of Joseph Bangham, who lived in the Severn Gorge three hundred years ago. He worked for the Coalbrookdale ironworks when Abraham Darby was perfecting the use of coal in the production of iron. These developments facilitated the mass production of iron and as the technology spread, industry thrived. This was a pivotal moment in the history of the modern world.
This is a story of an ordinary family living at an extraordinary time and in the district known as the ‘cradle of the Industrial Revolution’. Their lives changed fundamentally as the agricultural evolved into the industrial way of life. The book traces the story of the Bangham family as they move from Banghams Wood where they have been coppicing for decades, across the Gorge to Coalbrookdale and a very different way of life, regulated not by the seasons but by the demands of the furnace.
As with any family story there is joy as well as tragedy. The many and varied characters interact in ways which sometimes result in unintended consequences, played out against the background of the often brutal 18th Century in England, when a child could be transported to America or even hung for poaching a rabbit.
As for Joseph, did he realise as he laboured at the furnace, he was involved in events that were to change the world? Would those changes be for the better? It seems that even today, the jury is still out, but this book offers a different perspective on the lives of some of the people who were there at the very beginning.

Coalbrookdale; The Bangham Family Story

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The elegant Georgian city of Bath forms the backdrop to my latest novel Secrets and Lives.

A domestic thriller offering a gripping insight into the unintended consequences of one mother’s decision to give up her child.

Audiobook of Secrets and Lives
Narrated by Virginia Ferguson

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Some Secrets Are Deadly!

Secrets have a way of coming out and they don’t affect just one person but like a pebble tossed in water, there is a ripple. This ripple can cause devastating harm, or it could be the most wonderful occurrence ever. During the 1970’s Joan had to make a decision; she chose to put her firstborn son up for adoption and then move forward with her own life. That one fateful decision haunted her until her death … by murder! After her mother’s death, Sophie discovers she has the older brother she always wanted and goes in search of him. The story centers around the secrets and lives of each person in this tale of murder, loss, and life.

The author, Marilyn Freeman creates a tale that explores the effects of decisions, outcomes, and emotions that is realistic and rich in its messages. The son, Peter, is abandoned in his mind but in his mother’s mind, she gave him what she could not – a new life that she believed to be open to possibilities. As listeners, we are given a deep insight into the thoughts and emotions of Peter which result in some devastating and deadly outcomes. Freeman continues to weave the story around these emotions, and we see a change come over Peter as he embraces Sophie for his sister. We witness the depth of love and acceptance he has always longed for in his growing relationship with Sophie and her family.

The narrator, Virginia Ferguson brings this thriller to life. Her performance is rich and clear. She injects the right amount of emotion around the decisions and the unfolding drama. She brings the story to life through her talented voice and accents.

This is a well-done story that shows the depth of emotions and what they can do when one is abandoned and choices one makes.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook, it was clear and well produced.

Disclaimer: This Audiobook was provided free of charge by the author, narrator, and/or publisher in exchange for a non-bias, honest review.

The audiobook is now available, narrated by Virginia Ferguson. Listen to a sample of Secrets and Lives here, or the complete book here (UK) or here (US).

The ebook, hardback and paperback editions of Secrets and Lives is available from all major online bookstores, including:

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Karma a Mystery in Paris

Listen to the AUDIOBOOK of Karma: A Mystery in Paris now available FOR FREE!

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by Marilyn Freeman
Narrated by: Virginia Ferguson

Mystery and More!

Adrienne has made a decision that has haunted her for years.  She is going to try to find her missing mother!  However, before she can leave for Paris (the last place her mother had been headed), a gentleman visits her and claims to be her father …

This is not your typical mystery, it is a mystery that spans years and involves Nazis, conmen, police, and more.  This is an adventure filled with suspense and several twists.  The author, Marilyn Freeman engages the listeners by giving insight into Adrienne’s thoughts and feelings.  It was not all about adventure or suspense – it was about a young woman whose mother left her and while it was not touchy-feely – one did grasp somewhat how this young woman felt mentally and emotionally.

The characters, like the twists and plot, were well developed.  The dialog was realistic, and the story flowed smoothly.  Virginia Ferguson, the narrator, gave a solid performance with a consistent narration, distinct voices, and authentic-sounding accents.  Her voice was soothing, and she interjected the right amount of inflection.

This is a good book for anyone looking for a good mystery with twists and one that draws in the listener.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook, it was clear and well produced.

 Disclaimer: This Audiobook was provided free of charge by the author, narrator, and/or publisher in exchange for a non-bias, honest review.

The ebook, harback and paperback editions of Karma are available from all good online bookstores including: AMAZON: Apple ibooks: KOBO BARNES & NOBLE: GARDNERS SMASHWORDS STORE

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