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My Journey to Paris!

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit, none of us knew just how much our lives were to change. For my part, already retired for many years I had been spending my time volunteering as a bereavement counsellor and self publishing books for my husband and various friends and relations.

I had had an idea of a plot for a novel floating around in my brain for a year or so without actually getting anything down on paper. Confined to our two roomed apartment in March 2020, I made the decision to finally get down to writing that novel.

To my amazement, having no distractions, the words flowed easily. The characters inside my head came to life and began to act out the story with apparently little assistance from myself. Within a few months Karma was ready for publication and my second novel, Secrets and Lives was well under way.


A chance discovery and a fatal accident propel Adrienne, aged 22, into a journey to find out what had happened to her mother who disappeared from her life ten years previously. Her quest takes her to Paris and into a story stretching back three decades, to the Nazi occupation of Paris in the 1940’s.

A page turning mystery set in 1970’s Paris that will keep you guessing to the end’

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My Next Novel: Secrets and Lives will be released on 5th June 2010 and is now available for pre-order from most online retail sites.

When Joan made the decision over forty years ago to have her illegitimate child adopted, she could have had no idea what kind of a life he would lead. Nor could she have imagined what impact her decision would have on her own life and that of her future family.

A gripping insight into the unintended consequences of one mother’s decision to give up her child.’

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