Barry James Freeman

Three books by author Barry James Freeman have been released on Amazon as Kindle ebooks. Beyond the Goosebarley Bush, Wisdom’s End and Cobweb Curtains, are all primarily aimed at young readers, or to be read by adults to younger children.

Wisdom's End 3rd Edition cover 2 blue writingWisdom’s End is a fantasy adventure in which a wandering minstrel and his dancing dog take us on a journey of discovery through a ravaged landscape. It is set in a time when most humans have abandoned the polluted surface of the planet for a life of servitude to the robots in the underground Levels. We eventually learn that it is the wild creatures that show the courage and wisdom which we come to believe will in the end, save humanity.

As we know, children love to create imaginary worlds; worlds which as BookCover Paperback 5 x 8 Loose cover frontadults we often struggle to recall. From this secret place Beyond the Goosebarley Bush, we enter the timeless, gentle world of Tussel Fleabane. This enchanting book describes a kinder, more responsible way to live, showing us how important it is to consider how our actions will affect the plants and animals that share our planet.

red-cover-high-res-2Cobweb Curtains is a fantasy novel peopled by the contents of the scrap box in Morris Wainwright’s garden shed! After reading this, I’m sure you will never look at a rusty nail or a discarded spring from a jack-in-a-box in the same way again. It is a story of survival against the odds, comradeship and quite a bit of humour. This book perfectly howcases Barry Freeman’s talent for characterisation.

These are books to share and enjoy with your child that will stimulate their imagination. Barry Freeman has an amazing talent for creating authentic characters which jump off the page to surprise and delight in equal measure. If The Wind in the Willows, Watership Down or Alice in Wonderland were among your favourites as a child, you will love reading these books to the little ones in your life. Written as they are with humour, wit, pathos and a real empathy for the natural world, they will enthral and delight children from six to ninety six!

The books are published on Amazon. For more information please Visit Barry’s Amazon page.

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